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How you can find great deals on art 


I will share excellent thrift store, antique shop and art gallery finds in the Ottawa area.  I’ll focus on paintings but will also post other art pieces and unusual items that I come across.  Instead of buying it, I’ll post the link to location it was last available and the date that I saw it.



How you can earn


The comments section below the posted items will let you comment on the items or post something else that is on your mind.  Remember to keep it Family Friendly.  A coupon for $100 of ad spend will be sent to the email of the last person that posted where 7 days has passed (minus time if site is affected by  DDOS or site maintenance) without another post after it.  These can be combined toward your ad spend, so you can try to win more than once.  Come back often and make sure you post! At the end of each month I will also do a draw for a winner of $100 coupon.


(P.S. You can also earn money if we happen to post a rare painting at a thrift store and you are lucky enough to run out and buy it!)




How you can promote your business


Ad space will be available.  Currently in Phase 1 of my site, I am only selling permanent spots which have been pre-populated in the top image on the site.  These link to my shop where you can purchase the corresponding ad block.   Cost is $1 per pixel, so a small ad block that is 10 x 11 will be $110.  This will be your permanent ad space and you must provide me with a valid link and image of the same size of the ad block which you bought.


Good luck and enjoy the site!




If you are interested instead of purchasing an ad block as a month to month basis for a tenth of the permanent cost, you may do that as well.




This document was last updated on March 12th, 2020


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