So Even though the Kickstarter did not fill up completely, or hardly at all to be honest, I decided to still go ahead and release the coloring book and pay the artist for their work and time.  I want to thank Jai Soni for providing these Mandala images for the first coloring book.    He will definitely be contributing to future versions.

Now, I’d like to start on the second coloring book, but first things first, I need to sell a few of these to make that possible.

I have made a free version available for people who wish to check it out:

 Click here for the FREE version that has 2 of the Mandala Coloring images.

I have the full version as well which is available for those who want to show their support.   

 Cick here for Full Version that has all 20 Mandala Art pieces for coloring.

I have perfected (or close to it!) a way to create coloring books from any image, so if you are an artist who would like to participate in a future coloring book, please contact me!

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